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Alagang Magaling

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Alagang Magaling is a one-hour weekly show, aired at PTV4, every Sunday 9:00AM-10:00AM. It is dedicated to pigeon enthusiasts, animal lovers, exotic hobbyists, game fowl fanatics and agriculture trend followers. The show gives the audience a wide array of new learning from pigeon racing down to having your own farm.

What sets this show apart from other agriculture shows is that, Alagang Magaling blends well to the needs of its audience. Moreover, it does not only teach technical lessons but it also relates to one’s everyday living. Alagang Magaling is not just an escape to your daily routine but it is your constant companion in dealing with your hobbies and businesses. It is still a work in progress in developing more stories that will inspire the audience. Not just an informative nor an entertainment show, Alagang Magaling is a complete alphabet for your needs in pigeon racing and agricultural inquiries.


One of the most awaited segment every week, Face the Fancier features a pigeon enthusiast who has made an indelible mark in the industry of racing pigeons. This is a very generous segment wherein every fancier shares his or her techniques on breeding, training, conditioning, and recovery. Also, it is an open book presentation of the lives of the featured fancier from his family down to his hobby, pigeon racing. This segment is a must-watch forour kalapatids because it encompasses the basics of pigeon racing, a good starter kit for the newbies.


From the segment’s name itself, it is a combination of the words Kalapati and Entrepreneur, the perfect way to showcase our kalapatids who are engage into various businesses. The central theme of this segment is to inspire our kalapatids to strive hard in their line of business in order to sustain their pigeon hobby. Our featured kalapatineur encourages our kalapatids to strike a good balance among the business, the hobby and most importantly with their family. Through this segment, Alagang Magaling teaches the audience the value of time management and proper budgeting of funds.


Doc AJ Ferre, one of the most well-known pigeon specialist when it comes to health, hosts this segment. The “pambansang doctor” visits lofts and fanciers who are encountering health problems with their pigeons, such as one-eye cold, canker and salmonella. This segment is compared to a free consultation that answers the inquiries of our kalapatids with corresponding answers from our expert. Thus, believing that an excellent bloodline, organized loft system, proper management, health advice from Doc AJ, Excellence Rockdove’s programs, and a bit of luck, our kalapatids is surely on its way to becoming the next champion!


The rise of pigeon groups and clubs in the country contributes to the booming industry of pigeon sport. These clubs show a strong camaraderie that keeps the fire of racing pigeons alive. That’s why, Alagang Magaling credits and honors these groups by featuring them on the show; their achievements, club’s races and experiences. They may be from different clubs and are separated by long distances all over the archipelago but their goal to promote the pigeon sport holds them together.


Alagang Magaling caters to all ages and with the exotic pets segment, it is a sure hit to the kids! Different exotic clubs showcase their exotics by sharing tips on how to properly take care of it. Furthermore, the segment also highly encourages those who are interested in owning an exotic pet, to secure permits from the authorities. The goal of this child- friendly segment is to raise awareness on the various exotic species and its responsible husbandry.


Pinoy Dogtor is a dog owner’s ultimate guide to frequently asked questions in taking care of your pet. From the right food to eat down to first aid tips, this segment strongly promotes responsible pet ownership. Hosted by a veterinarian alongside with resource speakers, Pinoy Dogtor elevates not just the concept of a dog being the man’s best friend but a part of the family. Alagang Magaling joins different animal organizations in combatting animal cruelty through Pinoy Dogtor!


Alagang Magaling is not only a show dedicated to pigeon enthusiast but also to those into agribusiness. Since the archipelago is rich in various agriculture industries, we found the need to include it on the show to further promote our farmers and the raw materials that they produce. Moreover, this segment gives its viewers the product’s industry profile, a brief how-to and the business opportunity it may have. Through a documentary style of presenting the segment, it becomes more natural and real in living in the shoes of our farmers.

More Than Just A Morning Show

A few personal thoughts on how the team of Alagang Magaling with the bosses (Mr. Jaime “Jimi” Lim, Mr. Egay Yap, Mr. Nelson Chua and Mr. Manny Berbano) works together… I say it is a family. The bonding does not end when the camera stops rolling or the video editor finishes his material. Actually, it only begins there. The crew shares to

each other their personal problems, stories and ideas. It is a team that accepts mistakes and changes, a team that is open-minded and does not blame each other for one’s error and a team that knows the line between respect and joking around with the bosses. The bosses treat the crew with utmost respect and gratitude for the making the show of Alagang Magaling come to life. Behind the excellent ratings of the show, is a team or should I say a family that does not only think of their own desires instead, forefront the impact that they could leave to the audience and to the industry.

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